Stop thinking: Start writing. The FREE 21-Day Challenge for Writers

Another challenge starting in October 2021


Make 2021 the year you call yourself a Writer


Do you want to be a writer but your words disappear every time you sit down to write?

Are you afraid that your writing is not as good as your competition? 

Are you afraid that you are too old to start now? (I was 54 when I published my first book)

Do any of these sound familiar?

You scare yourself into not writing. You’re afraid the next idea, paragraph or page will be no good.

You’re just taking a break and will come back to it soon.

You say the story is too complicated to start writing it now

Overcoming fear is the biggest challenge facing most writers.
This challenge will tackle that fear, give you the tools to deal with it, and move on.

Writing with a community helps you to stay on track and get something finished.
Whether it’s a short story, poem or a novel, you’re surrounded by like-minded people who get you.
So many writers are afraid. Afraid their work is not good enough. Not good enough to share. Not as good as their competitors.

Fear is not a reason to stop writing

We’ll also work on making time to write.
Making time to write is not a luxury, because writing is as essential to a writer
as running is to a marathon runner. 

There will be live sessions and some pre-recorded, and there is a weekly
Question and Answer session to iron out any niggles you might have.

This is not a challenge where you get a load of prompts and you’re left to your own devices.

I get a real kick out of seeing my students make progress.

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Norah Deay

I’m a writer and self-publisher of fiction, non-fiction, and low-content books. I adore the excitement of unknown places and together with several locations in Ireland, have, over 21 years, made my home in London, The Hague and New Zealand, returning to Ireland with my Kiwi rescue dog Barney, in tow.

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“You have to follow your own voice. You have to be yourself when you write. In effect, you have to announce, ‘This is me, this is what I stand for, this is what you get when you read me. I’m doing the best I can—buy me or not—but this is who I am as a writer.” 

~ David Morrell

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