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Dunhill Castle In Waterford: A Castle Ruin With A Colourful Past

The Castle was built by the La Poer (Power) family in the early 13th Century. Dunhill translates to Fort of the Rock, and the local village adopted the name. The castle has a fascinating history. The la Poers first came to Ireland with Strongbow in 1132.

They were granted the City of Waterford and “the whole province thereabouts.” This obviously included Dunhill, and about 50 years later, they built the castle.

The family were a rowdy bunch, and Waterford City came under attack from them on many occasions. They destroyed the area around the city in 1345, but this time it backfired on them, and they were counter-attacked.

When a dog is part of your family, leaving them behind to go on holiday can be tough, especially if you don’t have a regular pet-sitter.

And while there are plenty of dog-friendly hotels in Ireland, it can often be tricky to find pet-friendly accommodation in some counties.

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Even in a resilient property market, it’s not enough to just allow your auctioneer to photograph your house using their Smartphone or old camera, and certainly not enough to do it yourself unless you’re a professional photographer.

You might be perfectly happy with the kitchen shot on the left above but the one on the right looks so much better doesn’t it? Light and bright vs heavy and dark.

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You may be brilliant at writing financial summaries or year-end reports but your clients may not be as au fait with the jargon as you are. Keep these 5 tips in mind as you’re writing and you won’t have to spend time explaining what you meant.

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Divorce: How to Do It Yourself

We’re by nature inclined to want to do things ourselves. There’s an advert about DIY being in our DNA, and so it is for most of us. This isn’t always the case when you take the DIY into the legal arena. Buying a house, administering an estate, getting a divorce – all can be done by citizens, but dealing with regulations and the emotional effects can be too difficult for some. However, if you do decide to go down the DIY route for your divorce and have all your ducks in a row, you can get that divorce decree more quickly and much more cheaply than by going through a solicitor.

Thoughts Become Things – Infinite Possibilities category

 From Rhonda Bryne to Mike Dooley to Buddha, all espouse the fact that our thoughts become things.

When I first watched The Secret it didn’t seem so secret to me – I was already happy and even when I wasn’t, I found happiness in the things I loved doing, my writing, my garden, my dogs when they came along.

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Quarantine – Why Henry VIII is Responsible for it – History category

According to Einstein, the definition of insanity was continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. The same could be said for the use of quarantine and lockdown to combat COVID.


How To Get Your House Ready For Sale In 30 Days: Mission Possible

30 DAYS is all it will take if you follow the instructions in this book. THE 30 DAYS DON’T HAVE TO BE CONSECUTIVE, OR IN ANY ORDER; that just may not be realistic.

In the Northern Hemisphere we’re looking forward to Spring (at time of writing it’s 2021 and we desperately need something to look forward to!), when we traditionally give our houses a good ‘spring clean’. You can use this book to help with a plan for this too.

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Forgotten by Padraic Regan

Secrets & Styes by Gerard Smith

Secrets and Styes by Gerard Smith edited by Norah Deay

The Sneezing Snuffle Monster by Mike Hayden