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Having done the ‘Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Creating your Dream Life’ course with Norah Deay, I feel I have a newfound confidence and feel like if I nurture my mind and soul enough I can grow and achieve more than I gave myself credit to do so, beforehand. x


Norah is an excellent instructor who really knows her stuff. She is obviously enthusiastic about the topic and that made the course very enjoyable. She was willing to share her knowledge even if some questions went beyond the course material. Working with other people via Zoom was great. I’m delighted to have received my Cert – I think it’s a very solid course.

Mary D

I recently did the Infinite Possibilities Workshop with Norah. Feeling stuck with a “putting up with my reality” mentality I was looking for a new way to move forward with my life situation.  The opportunity to take part in this course arose and I was delighted to be able to participate.

 Norah put us all at ease quickly with her warm personality. She made the content relatable to everyone. Her delivery kept us all engaged and interested. We shared experiences and if moved to do so related content to our own personal experiences.  All this was held in a safe and protected space. I learned a lot about the power of attracting only good and that which serves my soul purpose. At the end of the day I realised that I could change my reality and move forward. There was a definite shift in mentality but also tools to enable us to progress on our journey.

Since the course I can already feel a change, a sense of calm knowing that anything is possible and that we are all masters of our own destiny when we live from a place of joy and gratitude. This revelation was brought about from this attending this course so expertly and joyfully delivered by Norah. Her skilled delivery and belief in its content shone through.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to enrich their life experience.

Mary F

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The Event

It’s time to open the door to endless possibilities … to write a new chapter, to readjust and become the creator of your own life.

Join me for this incredible life-changing training that, over the course of 7 weeks, will show you that life is magical, we are powerful, and dreams really do come true. 

Infinite Possibilities

The Art of Creating Your Dream Life


I am one of a network of teachers, facilitators, coaches, friends, and mentors from every walk of life trained to provide a spiritual, non-religious program on living deliberately to those who want to learn and apply such teachings.

This program is based on Mike Dooley’s New York Times bestselling book, Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams, which has been published in 15 languages. Mike, creator of TUT (The Universe Talks), used the content of his book to create a 7-session Infinite Possibilities companion workbook that is the basis for our training program.

You will benefit from this training if you:

Feel stuck in your life

Feel you’re at a turning point

Feel lonely and want to find your people, your tribe

Find yourself repeatedly making the same relationship mistakes

KNOW life is wonderful for others, but you don’t know how to get it for yourself

It’s  no coincidence that you’re reading this. if you’ve asked for guidance in any part of your life lately this is how God/The Universe/Your Higher Power
has chosen to answer you.

At Infinite Possibilities we teach that by beginning with oneself, embracing the truths of our existence, and applying them, all things are possible —wealth, health, love, and whatever else your heart desires. We also teach, and you will find, that success and happiness are our default settings. We are born to thrive, and once we finally get out of our own way, the floodgates of all good things open to shower us in abundance.


1st Lesson

Thoughts Become Things

The thoughts you think literally become the things and events of your life.

2nd Lesson


Our beliefs come first, influencing our thoughts, words, and actions, and then the world around us.

3rd Lesson


Emotions are a result of our perspectives, and our perspectives arise from our beliefs.

4th Lesson

Taking Action

Regardless of how much you dream or how well you visualize, no navigation system can take you to your desired destination until you help yourself by physically moving.

5th Lesson

Instincts & Hunches 

Dreams & Desires

Our instincts and hunches are like bursts of insight that reveal truths about our reality and the
experiences we’re creating. They act as an internal navigation system, helping to guide and direct us
through our lives.

6th Lesson

Faith & The Magical Universe

Just as an airline pilot doesn’t have to know how a plane is built or what components in the engine
are giving it thrust, in order to fly across the country, neither do you have to understand how “the Universe” will help to manifest your dreams, in order to live deliberately.

7th Lesson

The Meaning of Life …

Is to LIVE it! 


Thoughts become Things & Words Give You Wings

Join Me!


New event coming soon. Contact me to go on waitlist


7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


LIVE Virtual Event