It’s a dog’s life – and that’s a good thing

doggiesHead over heels. Besotted. Smitten. All words to describe how I feel about our two rescue puppies, Ruby and Barney. They are literally my reason to get up in the morning, as we go for a 6am walk every day. For years I would say “I’d love to have a dog” but location dictated otherwise. However, when we moved here to Matamata and had a decent, fenced garden at last, having a dog was almost the first thing we did.

Ruby came first. She was abondoned outside a pound at 3 months and I’ll never understand why. She is the sweetest natured, most gorgeous girl ever. I sometimes call her “Lolloping Lil” because she has a goofy way about her. Barney, on the other hand, is the problem child. He’s supposedly half-chihuahua and I’m assuming that’s the half that likes to bark. He’s full of dognition and is far too clever for his own (and our) good. But he loves to cuddle and shadows me wherever I go. I say sometimes that he’s like one of those dogs who sit on their owners’ grave.

The Man didn’t have much experience with dogs when he was growing up but my Dad often arrived home with waifs and strays so we always had at least one. I remember a “you or the dogs” conversation once when he arrived with a sheepdog and her SIX puppies.

Our lives have been turned upside down, inside out and sideways! And I love every minute. I’m down three pairs of shoes, but two I didn’t like anyway. It’s lucky we live in New Zealand and bare feet are the norm because the Man has had to go barefoot to buy new jandals. Nothing you care anything about can be left within reach but that’s also got a silver lining – it’s a good way to keep the house tidy!

I’ve had the thought that if both of us had been clueless about dogs (as many new owners are) it would be an absolute nightmare to have two big puppies at the same time. Sure, you can lock them outside and leave them behind if you go out for the day but would you do that with your toddlers? That’s what it’s like. They are babies and as demanding as babies can be.

I work from home which is really good because they’re never on their own. I shudder to think of the damage if they had free reign of the house.  If you’re reading this and think that it wouldn’t happen with the puppies you’d own, all I say is, just wait!

The added bonus in having these awesome little creatures come into our lives is that we seem to have so much room for more. We’re talking about finding a place with more land so we can rescue more animals. Our two cats are rescues, we now have two laying hens (chooks in NZ), four goldfish and hopefully some frogs in the pond, and an aquarium that used to have 28 fish but there’s a catfish that’s looking very well fed and the smaller ones seem to have disappeared!

If you’re a dog person I have a short story on Amazon about a woman who unexpectedly has a dog come into her life – if you want to download, it’s only 99c and you can get it by clicking on the photo here.

Dogs not allowed

6 Things to remember when writing real estate adverts


  1. That neighbourhood is sought after, it’s not sort after


  1. If you tell us there’s a wonderful view, make sure there’s at least one photo of said view.Dishwasher


  1. Watch your punctuation – a three-bedroom house with three bathrooms overlooking the beach – do only the bathrooms overlook the beach?


  1. Rooms or outdoor spaces complement; they don’t compliment.


  1. A property consists of or comprises – never comprises of


  1. Don’t be pompous. It’s 2016 and residences are associated with royalty and ambassadors, not Mary & John moving into a 5 bedroom in Auckland.


Have you ever been told off for blabbing?

BlabWell, never again! BLAB is the brainchild of the BEBO team – remember BEBO? it was a forerunner to Facebook, so that tells me these people are early adopters and we should pay attention.

They’re bringing social into social media and is a platform that should be very attractive to salespeople in partuclar. You know you love talking and now here’s your opportunity
toengage with clients, peers and industry trend setters. Live, on video.

Conversations are held betweeen 2-4 people and if the topic you want to talk about is not there already, you ‘start a new blab’ and wait for someone to join. Everything takes time to get off the ground and this team have been working on

The downside for me? I’m going to have to put on makeup more often!

The web address is and you can download the BLAB app from iTunes also