It’s NaNoWriMo question time again!

Do I? Don’t I? Will I? Won’t I? NaNoWriMo winner


For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month where upwards of 500,000 people across the world attempt to write 50,000 words in the month of November. That equals to 1,866 words per day.

I’ve attempted it 3 times, the first time I’d written 27,000 words when I had a tech issue and lost everything! Needless to say, I didn’t finish.

The second time I ‘won’ (you win when you hit that 50k mark) and went on to write another 25,000 words and finished the novel; a novel still to be edited!

Third time – going through some ‘stuff’ and never really got off the ground.

2017, I have to write the second in my cosy mystery series so there’s an obvious candidate but would a completely new set of characters and setting be more fun, and therefore easier to work with?

I’ve pretty much decided to go for it and am doing a course through Wesleyan college which is supposedly geared towards us NaNo-ers (not convinced of that – good marketing ploy though and it is a good course).

Hitting that 50k word count was one of the highlights of my writing life so far – I’d actually done it and as most writers know, ‘doing’ it is the hardest part of all – believe it or not, writers find that writing is the most difficult thing to do.

So, are any of my writer friends doing it? Considering it?


For all my writer friends – KindleSPY

I haven’t written anything for myself for weeks now and yesterday I found out I won’t be writing my book for real estate agents either! Has anyone heard of KindleSpy? Basically it’s a reverse engineering process to find out what is selling on Kindle and more importantly, what is NOT. So, turns out real estate agents love to download free books but won’t (actually for most of them it will be can’t) buy any books. Sales are so pathetic it’s just not worth it for me to put in all the work and angst writing a book that won’t sell very well right now. I’m not writing it off completely (pardon the pun) but it’s something for another time.

What is really good about KindleSpy is that it shows you what is selling in a niche which will then help you decide which niche to go for. It shows you how popular that niche is, what the potential is for you to make money out of it and how competitive it is (it also shows what money a particular author is making). So, my niche is Paranormal mystery which is popular and has potential but also has a high rate of competition. It’s up to me to write something good enough to topple the competition 🙂 but also I can investigate which keywords work best for them and use them for my own.

For provenance, I signed up for a webinar from C.S. Lakin (Live, Write ,Thrive) who I follow more than any other site and she was pushing KDSpy. It took her years to discover that the broader your audience the less chance you have to develop a fan base i.e. get paid for your books. I can totally relate to this as I’m sure many of you can.

I was so blown away by the program I’ve become an affiliate. This is my link below if anyone would like to click on it to find out more.


Too busy reading about writing to actually write?

Information overload?

I haven’t posted a blog for a while because I’ve been too busy writing paying stuff. Good but not good because I miss my own fiction writing.  I love writing and because I love it I can’t resist websites about writing which of course means signing up to receive updates. I then become inundated with emails from loads of wraithwonderful sites that I don’t have time to read and I’m now at the stage where I have to cull. For fans of Stargate Atlantis that has horrible connotations – the Wraith regularly perform ‘culls’ and you wouldn’t want to meet up with this guy on a dark night. I believe I’m  not alone. Writers are procrastinators first and foremost and how many times have you sat down to write and been sidetracked by an email with a link to an article about writing that you just have to read. I’m making a list of the sites that are truly helpful to me right now. I’m happy to add your favourite if it’s not here but I’m setting a limit of 10 really good sites that can be flexible over time. You can do a search for the top 100 best websites but what’s top right now doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best. They just got more votes on the day. I believe these sites are all anyone would need to be a writing writer. As opposed to a procrastinating writer.  Yes, there are loads more that could be added and you may already have your top picks but if you know everything that’s to be known on these sites then you’re going to be a pretty good writer. I’d love to hear what you think. Leave me a comment below. Writing Craft C.S. Lakin – Live Write Thrive – The best writing craft site I know The Write Practice – – just what it says on the tin – lots of opportunities to practice Write to Done –  The spiel says their articles are unmissable – they’re definitely helpful and interesting Writer Unboxed – I joined this site initially because of the Logo – an old-fashioned typewriter – but I’ve followed it for a couple of years now and it’s always relevant Brain Pickings – – for the thinkers A little bit more The Write Life – – publishing, marketing, freelancing resources The Self-Publishing School – If your ultimate aim is to publish a book this is where you’ll do it. Copyblogger – – how to grow your blogging business About Freelance Writing –  You want to get paid to write, right? Start here. Build Book Buzz – – there are so many book marketing sites it’s easy to get lost. This provides all the info you need. Books [table id=3 /]